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Help Point Intercom (HPI) units

The MTA wanted to improve communications between travelers and personnel. How do you improve safety, security, and customer service at the same time?

With an HPI unit. HPI, or Help Point Intercom, lets your subway travelers communicate directly and easily with transit personnel.

If they have questions about the route, an HPI unit connects the traveler to the appropriate personnel. The unit does the same if the traveler has an emergency.

Travelers are less frustrated, and so are your personnel. Time is saved. Lives may even be saved.

Simple to Use

The illuminated blue dome on top makes the unit easy to find. A green INFORMATION button provides the traveler with general assistance. The EMERGENCY button alerts transit authorities to an urgent situation.

Benefits of Our HPI:

  • Allows a passenger to quickly communicate there is a problem.
  • Enables transit personnel to determine where the problem is located, even without any other communication, through:
    • A blinking light in the dome
    • An exact address that is electronically transmitted
  • Handles the stresses of being in a high-traffic area due to:
    • Our high manufacturing standards
    • Thorough testing
    • NEMA certification
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum through our exclusive “Self-Diagnostic” feature.
  • Provides for faster and more efficient maintenance as personnel are better able to access the internal circuitry when needed.

In fact, the MTA of New York City chose Maloya HPIs when they decided to upgrade their units. They are already reporting a better experience for both their travelers and personnel.