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Our Expertise

Your Project + Our Expertise = Successful Results

At Maloya Laser, we believe there is no single solution when it comes to solving our customers’ business challenges.  Customized solutions are key to the success of your project.  We blend the right combination of expertise and customer care to ensure the best results for you, our customer.  

Project Management

Maloya’s Complex Project Division specializes in working closely with Architects, Construction Management companies, Designers, Project Managers, and Installers. Maloya’s in house Project Management system ensures that all phases of custom metal parts and assemblies are fabricated, defect free, clearly identified and delivered to the job site on time and ready for installation.  


As part of our commitment to meet or exceed our customer expectations, we track all jobs throughout our facility.  Maloya’s MieTrak production planning system provides real-time data collection and tracking from quotation through shipment. MieTrak (formerly known as FabriTrak) is the market leading software for metal fabricators and metal work. It has been adapted to incorporate all of our metal manufacturing processes.  Including: Barcode scanning for tracking through each work center, Process control through standardized work instructions, Incorporates ERP/MRP, Scheduling, Shop Floor Data Capture, Barcoding, Job Costing, Quoting, Estimating and time clocking.

3D Modeling

When it comes to meeting an Architect’s design vision and expectations nothing is more efficient than 3D Modeling.  At Maloya we excel at this by converting flat 2D designs into an interactive 3D Model which results in shop drawings that all concerned parties can quickly and accurately visualize the form, fit and function.  This means that the end result can be seen before any manufacturing or production begins.  This allows design, or even in some cases,  material changes to be made quickly and efficiently. Shop drawings also insure the most efficient use of time and materials once manufacturing begins.  From the overall look of the whole project right down to the smallest detail, shop drawings with a 3D perspective are essential for a successful project.

Quality Management

Quality has always been the highest priority of Maloya’s management team,  support staff and our highly skilled Maloya Craftsmen.  We are proud to be ISO 9000 certified.  In addition, to achieve our ever present goal of Continual Improvement, we maintain a varied and ongoing Kaizen training program for all personnel. We have a Corrective Action Requested/ Corrective Action Notification (CAR/CAN) program to address any areas where employees see opportunities for improvement.


Programming to print is done utilizing several CAD/CAM programs, including Solidworks, Mastercam, AutoCad, Rhino and Bysoft. In addition to DXF and DWG, Maloya can accept CAD data in an extensive variety of formats. Other programming and CAD services that Maloya provides include: Digitizing of mylars, digitizing and scanning of flat pattern parts, and original artwork. We can also reverse engineer fabricated components with our CMM.

Maloya can readily work with customer outputs from many other CAD systems such as Inventor, CATIA, Rhino, Pro/E, etc. We offer full 3D modeling capabilities to ensure form, fit and function before the first piece of material is cut. Parametric modeling facilitates design collaboration with clients either onsite or through virtual meetings.


Laser Video 5

Maloya specializes in metal laser cutting for all industries, ranging from medical to aerospace, architectural to defense. Whether small engineered components or massive works of art, Maloya is equipped to handle your project requirements. Maloya utilizes their 3000 watt and 4000 watt lasers to cut the following sizes of material: up to ¾” mild steel, up to ½” stainless steel and up to 3/8” aluminum.


Maloya has the capability of bending metals up to 12 feet in length. Materials include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, high temperature alloys and others.

With 220 tons of bending force and 8-axis CNC controlled back gauges Maloya can bend a variety of small and large parts in both thin and thick metals. Our state-of-the-art 8-axis back gauging allows multipoint banking to support complex bending geometry.  Bend geometry is qualified prior to production via 3D CAD simulation.


Our welding capabilities include plate and sheet metal in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  We use laser cutting technology to produce highly accurate fixtures to ensure compliance with your tolerance requirements.  Multiple welding work stations and a large format welding platen allow for a wide variety of welding applications.


We combine years of machining expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software. The result is a finely tuned regional manufacturing solution with in house control. Maloya cuts materials with extreme precision, including difficult to machine materials like stainless steel, titanium, aircraft alloys and steel. Maloya invests heavily in CAD/CAM software as well as the newest CNC machines industry tools and equipment. Our state-of-the-art inspection with CMM equipment guarantees that your parts meet the exacting tolerances you require.  


Most metal parts need some finish whether to smooth edges, provide a uniform surface finish or to add a protective finish. Maloya can provide all standard finishes in-house or through approved vendor affiliations.