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Maloya Laser’s unparalleled service offerings make us the perfect partner for your project. From our complex projects to contract manufacturing, our team will exceed your expectations.

Complex Projects

Whether you’re an Architect, Project Engineer, Construction Management company, Designer or anyone working on projects with complex challenges related to custom metal fabrication, Maloya is the “Go To” partner you need.  Maloya’s expertise in the 3D design/build process solves problems well before the installation process begins.

Contract Manufacturing

If you have requirements for custom metal parts fabricated to your print and drawing specifications, just contact Maloya.  We have been serving industries such as Process Machinery, Aerospace, Medical, Scientific, Transportation, Ornamental and many others for over fifty years.

Complex Projects Division


Collaborating with Architects and Construction companies is one of Maloya’s strong points.  Using  deep knowledge of the 3D Design/Build process, Maloya will bring the Architect’s design vision to life with 3D visualization.  Maloya is also able to work with the Architect to insure that the design of the project is compatible with today’s latest fabrication techniques and materials.

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Maloya has to ability and experience to work with Engineers on the fabrication of a wide variety of industrial projects.  Maloya fabricated metal parts and assemblies can be found in industrial structures designed and built by private industry, government agencies and large construction management companies throughout the world.  The industrial marketplace demands products that are fabricated to the highest standards and will hold up under the toughest conditions.  Maloya has been successfully meeting the demands of the industrial marketplace for over fifty years.

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Contract Manufacturing Division

Process Machinery

Maloya’s experience in fabricating metal parts and assemblies from customer supplied prints is extensive.  Industries such as food processing, industrial packaging, original equipment manufacturers and many others, depend on Maloya for consistent high quality metal fabrication.  Customers know that their exacting requirements will always be met and be able to incorporate Maloya fabricated parts and assemblies into their manufacturing process with confidence.

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In a market that demands a high degree of precision and intricate detail, Maloya is the “go to” metal fabricator.  Product quality is especially crucial in this marketplace where reliability and repeatability is essential.  Maloya fabricated parts and assemblies are an integral part of this marketplace.  

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A kit to build an exotic race car, Emergency response vehicles, or public transport vehicles of all types require durability and functionality.  Maloya fabricated parts and assemblies have been relied upon by manufacturers in the transportation marketplace who know and appreciate quality and reliability.

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In the ornamental marketplace, attention to the smallest detail is crucial.  Maloya’s experience in ornamental fabrication is quite extensive.  The combination of old world craftsmanship and the latest fabrication techniques serve this marketplace well.  Maloya’s ornamental projects may be seen in such places as museums, art galleries, universities, public and private spaces and more. 

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Sage Heater Line

A vital safety factor for commercial air travel is the Deicing process for aircraft flying in severe winter conditions.  Maloya’s Sage Heater line plays a substantial role in this process. Maloya manufactures a line of proprietary Process Heaters that are an integral part of the deicing process for aircraft at major airports. If you have witnessed the Deicing of an aircraft, chances are you have seen a Sage Process Heater from Maloya in action.

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