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American Museum of Natural History, Rose Center – A Museum Display Depicting the “Big Bang” Theory

Location American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
Scope Of Work Laser Cutting, Bending, Welding, Etching, Lettering, Finishing, Assembly, Special Handling and Shipping
Architect James Polshek and Todd Schliemann

Project Detail

The Rose Center located in Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History is an extensive reworking of the original Hayden Planetarium in combination with newly added exhibits.  Part of the new exhibit area includes the “Big Bang” Theater.  Incorporated in this theater is the “Cosmic Pathway” fabricated by Maloya.  The “Pathway” displays a visual depiction of cosmic history.

Maloya’s role was to fabricate many of the metal display panels and other various display components along the Pathway and within the Rose Center.  The fabrication had to be precise and cosmetically appealing in keeping with the Museum’s high standards.