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Wave Maker – Wave Simulator for Hull Testing of Naval vessels

Location Naval Surface Warfare Center, West Bethesda, Maryland
Scope Of Work Design/Build Wavemaker Paddles and Support Structure, 3D Modeling, Laser Cutting, Bending, Welding, Assembly, Finishing, Machining, Outsourcing

Project Detail

The Naval Surface Warfare Center is a government owned facility that conducts tests on large-scale naval model ships. The Maneuvering and Seakeeping basin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center is a large rectangular basin, measuring 240 feet by 360 feet. Two adjacent walls are equipped with very large pneumatic and mechanical paddles which move back and forth either simultaneously or individually to create infinite different types of wave scenarios, while the other two walls are equipped with wave absorbing beaches. Recent work on advanced hull-form concepts, illustrates the need for increased study of ships in extreme wave conditions. Testing must be performed if the physics is to be understood. Maloya was supplied with 2D drawings that needed to be converted to 3D models in order to efficiently address the complex geometry of the structure. The 3D modeling insured that the fabrication process would proceed without any costly time consuming delays. Due to the large scale of these structures a detailed workflow system was designed to move the material in process through the various production stages. Maloya used their exten sive in house capabilities to construct these very large assemblies as well as coordinating a demanding delivery schedule as required by the Wavemaker design team located in Scotland.