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Medical / Pharmaceutical

You Have Lots of Challenges. We Have Lots of Solutions!

We believe there is no single solution when it comes to solving our customers’ business challenges. We know our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industry face multiple design and fabrication challenges in a space where metal product lines are developed rapidly and design cycles are shorter and shorter.

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With over 50 years of experience in the fabrication industry, Maloya Laser has the right combination of expertise and customer service to deliver only the best results.


We specialize in working closely with companies, designers and installers to ensure a smooth delivery of metal fabrication projects free from defect, with quality control processes implemented during every phase of the process, including our state-of-the-art inspection with CMM equipment.

An ISO 9000 certified company, quality management is Maloya’s highest priority. From management personnel to skilled craftsmen, our goal is to foster Continual Improvement with varied and ongoing Kaizen training, and in-house programs to help employees identify opportunities for growth and education. This contributes to our consistently excellent results, and to our success in meeting and exceeding the
exacting standards required by this industry.

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We Have All The Tools You’ll Need

Our state-of-the-art machinery and software packages help us achieve the most precise, most effective products that meet the most stringent industry requirements. Our 3D Modeling software takes a design from 2D plans to a 3D model so all stakeholders can evaluate form, function and design interactively. Any adjustments or changes in design or materials can be made well in advance of production, which reduces costs, increases efficiency and allows for greater scrutiny in advance of the manufacturing phase.
We combine decades of machining expertise with advanced technology so our pieces are cut with extreme accuracy, including those made with more challenging materials to machine, like stainless steel. Maloya also invests in the newest CNC machines industry tools and equipment so our customers’ parts and assemblies are fabricated using the most cutting-edge technology.

A Partner You Can Trust

We know you depend on consistent, high quality metal fabrication to maintain and grow your business in the Medical / Pharmaceutical industry, and that’s why Maloya wants to partner with you. We’ll help you incorporate only the highest-quality, most rigorously tested fabricated parts and assemblies into your manufacturing process with confidence.

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Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Comprehensive Answer to Your Medical / Pharmaceutical Needs

We’ve been a premier fabricator of custom metal products and material supplier for over fifty years. Our commitment to customer care and our extensive resources set us apart. Our process is to first understand fully your needs and requirements so we can offer the best solutions to meet your every need, using our vendors and suppliers to provide you with the best possible outcome for your next project.

If you’re looking for a customer-centered, comprehensive solution to your supply chain needs, let’s talk today!

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