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Maloya utilizes the latest technology combined with their expertise in metal Design/Build concepts to partner with their customers to solve demanding project requirements.

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Your Vision, Our Expertise
You’re looking for design assistance and manufacturing expertise from your metal manufacturing partner.  You have construction documents or well thought out sketches ready to for review.  You know the function of the component and you have a good idea of the form.
We offer our assistance in applying the design rules of making your metal components to finalize your form and make sure the fit comes together as intended.  We model the solution in 3D using SolidWORKS so you can visualize the actual components that can be fabricated.  Connection detail is shown in the visualization, whether the parts are welded or fastened.
The detail shop prints are developed from the model.  These prints are used to fabricate the parts in our facility.  Prints can also be developed for proper  assembly.  These prints are delivered to you for approval.

While the model and parts are programmed, the router is developed with the proper sequence of work centers, BOM requirements and quality instruction.  Upon your approval of the shop prints we begin fabrication to meet your delivery schedule.

Your parts are packaged and protected for shipment to your facility or job site ready for installation.

Benefits of Working With Maloya?

Decades of experience and success.
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Design Assist, Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

Our in house capabilities encompass a full range of services. Our value engineering & design services, 3D visualizations, feasibility reviews, and our latest manufacturing technologies allows us to solve project challenges with products that offer the highest levels of quality and dependability.

A Collaborative Process

We work with you to clearly define the full project scope – ensuring that we understand your complex project requirements. Our team reviews your project specifications in detail to ensure a superior finished product.

Production Planning System

We methodize our process and establish milestones to manage your project expectations from start to finish. This system allows us to deliver you a superior quality product.

3D Modeling

Our engineering team carefully reviews your drawings and requirements and creates a 3d model of your project using our SolidWorks capabilities. During this process we identify any improvements or changes to ensure your project’s success.

Superior Customer Service

From the minute you engage with Maloya, your project is handled by our talented staff. Our production facility and supply chain offer your unparalleled service and quality. 

High Quality Workmanship

Maloya’s quality manufacturing standard is based on the international ISO 9001:2015 standards. In addition, Maloya is always adopting innovative techniques to enhance our manufacturing capabilities.

Maloya Solutions

Your job’s success may need many solutions.
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Design Assistance

Whether designing an exotic race car kit or a cutting edge medical device, we know design assist services are the lynchpin of any collaborative process.

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CNC Laser Technologies

Our CNC laser technology ensures that our clients benefit from the fastest processing speeds and the highest level of quality while delivering pinpoint accuracy.

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CNC Bending & Forming

Our CNC-controlled bending and forming equipment allows for single or multiple bends in a single process.

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CNC Machining

CNC-controlled, state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of our customers with tight tolerance and repeatability requirements.

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MIG & TIG Welding

We require our technicians to be trained and experienced in using both metal inert gas (MIG) as well as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding techniques.

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3D Printing

3D metal printing represents a drastic and disruptive change to the way metal is fabricated.

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We know that organization, planning, tight scheduling, and budget constraints are all key components in the assembly process.

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From degreasing to color matching to custom solutions, we manage the finishing process for all your parts or components.

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Quality Assurance

From our management team to support staff to our highly skilled Maloya Craftsmen, quality and excellence are priority one.

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Supply Chain/Logistics

You can always trust that we have the strongest supply chain to get you the right materials, and the logistics to get it to you quickly and in one piece.

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Related Industries

Maloya has solved complex manufacturing needs for industries including:
Maloya Architectural Industry
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We specialize in collaborations with architects and builders to use our deep knowledge of the 3D Design/Build process to bring your design visions to life.

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Commercial Landscape and Hardscape Design
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Commercial Landscape and Hardscape Design

Over the years we have worked with very talented Landscape Architects, Sculptures and Designers to create metal landscape and hardscape features.

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Maloya Construction Building Solutions
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Construction / Building Solutions

From designing a project to 3D modeling, from cutting to welding and finishing, we have the tools, the experience, and the know-how for your construction and building solution needs.

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Maloya Ornamental Decorative Screens
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Ornamental / Decorative Screens

Our unique blend of old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge fabrication techniques enables us to create ornamental or decorative metalworks that are also functional, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

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Maloya Industry Furniture/Interior Design feature image Kenneth Cole
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Furniture/Interior Design

Our expertise in the Design/Build approach to metal fabrication helps ensure that we will find an efficient, cost-effective design for the manufacture and assembly of your custom furniture or interior design project.

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