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Quality Services

Our dedication to superior quality is evident in our internal policies and procedures. We maintain a varied and ongoing Kaizen training program for all our personnel, in addition to our Corrective Action Requested/Corrective Action Notification (CAR/CAN) plan.

This promotes a proactive approach to addressing any areas where employees see an opportunity for improvement.

From our management team to support staff to our highly skilled Maloya Craftsmen, quality and excellence are priority one.

Not only are we proudly ISO 9000 certified, but our team’s ever-present goal of Continual Improvement drives us to be better, faster, stronger and smarter in every process, every day.

With this philosophy, we’re able to consistently deliver on our promises, delight our customers, and outperform our competitors.

Quality Assurance

Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Services

With over half a century of experience in this industry, we haven’t just perfected our manufacturing processes. We’ve also sharpened our practices for internal excellence and reinforced our mission to provide world-class customer service.

Others may call themselves experts and say their products are the best, but at Maloya, we’re obsessed with quality and excellence, and the proof is in our product.

If your project requires only the most dedicated, customer-centered, quality-obsessed team, we should talk.

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