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Metal Assembly Services

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3D Modeling

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Using the Best Tools and Processes

Building something extraordinary takes more than just quality parts. At Maloya, we know that organization, planning, tight scheduling, and budget constraints are all key components in the assembly process.

How do we make it all happen on time and within the allotted budget? Our processes are keep everything moving in the right direction.

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Assembly Services

Our precision 3D modeling helps us clearly understand every piece and step in the fabrication process before production begins so we can assemble and deliver the highest quality parts available on the market while reducing the risk of excessive change orders and scheduling delays.

Maloya’s MieTrak production planning software allows us to collect data in real time, tracking a project from quotation through shipment. It’s the market-leading software for metal fabricators. We’ve adapted it to include all our metal manufacturing processes, from the assembly phase to the finished product.

Our barcode scanning lets us track parts through each work center, and allows us to standardize work specs to provide optimal process control. ERP/MRP scheduling, shop floor data capture, and other MieTrak features result in a tighter assembly process. The time and cost savings are a result of this process.

Mayola’s in-house project management system is designed so that each phase of custom fabrication and assembly is free from defect. Each product is delivered to our customer’s site on time and within budget.


Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Comprehensive Answer to Your Assembly Services

We know that success of the project overall hinges on the success of each phase within that project, and our dedication to excellence and precision when cutting, bending or welding, guarantee a perfect fit during assembly, reducing waste, cost overages and delivery time.

Our excellence doesn’t happen by accident. We’re constantly striving to improve both our techniques and our technology to ensure we’re doing the best job we can for our partners.

We collect data during every phase of our manufacturing process and leverage the latest tools to produce verifiable quality, time after time. Want that for your project?

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