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Military & Defense

Yes, We Can Do All That

It goes without saying, equipment used in military operations has to be high-performance and dependable. And given the unique challenges the military faces today, these high-quality metal and steel products must be delivered on a tight schedule by a highly skilled team dedicated to world-class customer service.

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That’s why the military and defense industry has relied on Maloya for its manufacturing and fabrication needs for over 50 years. Yes, we can do all that.
Maloya has the ability and experience to work with engineers and project managers on the fabrication of a wide variety of military and defense projects. From tanks to transport vehicles to communication tools, Maloya’s highly skilled craftsmen have the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle even the most challenging of projects.

We Have The Right Tools & Equipment For Your Job

We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and software that allow for a wide variety of military and defense applications.
With 220 tons of bending force and 8-axis CNC controlled back gauges, Maloya can bend both small and larger parts whether consisting of thick or thin metals. Our cutting edge 8-axis back gauging enables multipoint banking to support even the most complex bending geometry which we’ll qualify prior to production via 3D CAD simulation.

Maloya also offers advanced welding capabilities that include plate and sheet metal in steel, stainless steel and aluminum applications. Our laser cutting technology allows us to produce pinpoint precision fixtures to ensure compliance with even the most rigorous tolerance requirements. Our 3000 watt and 4000 watt lasers can cut varying material sizes including up to ¾” mild steel, ½” stainless steel and ⅜” aluminum.

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Quality Is Our Highest Priority

Excellence is in our company DNA. Our commitment to Continual Improvement means we maintain a varied and ongoing Kaizen training program for all personnel. We are proudly ISO 9000 certified so that we can accurately and efficiently deliver high quality military and defense products that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Wave Simulator for Hull Testing of Naval Vessels

Maloya - Wave Simulator for Hull Testing of Naval Vessels
Military & Defense

Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Comprehensive Answer to Your Military & Defense Solutions

We’ve been a premier fabricator of custom metal products and material supplier for over fifty years. Our commitment to customer care and our extensive resources set us apart. Our process is to first understand fully your needs and requirements so we can offer the best solutions to meet your every need, using our vendors and suppliers to provide you with the best possible outcome for your next project.

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