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Commercial Landscape and Hardscape Design

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Metals Enhance Landscape and Hardscape Projects

Many landscape projects benefit from the addition of some type of mineral ore focal piece. While relatively cold and industrial on its own, metals in landscape projects are designed to be warm and inviting. Certainly when paired with the natural elements of the outdoors.

• Planters
• Landscape & Garden Screen Walls,
• Urban Furniture, Benches, Bus stops, Bike Racks and other Public space appliances
• Sculptural pieces

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Commercial Metal Fabrication for Public and Private Spaces

The addition of “metals” brings a simple, utilitarian, and industrial feel to any outdoor project. It adds contrast, texture, and a contemporary vibe to an otherwise run-of-the-mill project. The juxtaposition of a hard element in a natural setting can create something of interest. Depending on the type of metal and finish used, it can even spark new life into an older property. Typical projects include work with retaining walls, street furniture, planters, cycle parking equipment, tree grilles and bespoke design projects.

At Maloya, we focus on bringing manufacturing closer to our customers. We provide expert sheet metal fabrication services for hard landscaping customers. Maloya creates custom metal planters, edging, retaining walls, and even commissioned sculptures.

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Why Commercial Landscape Architects and Contractors Choose Maloya

All of our fabrication services are carried out in-house. We provide a complete service offering from initial design to manufacture.

We work with our customers on a long-term basis, focusing on building great relationships with them. Our team is often trusted to manage large-scale delivery of projects including packaging and sending metal products on behalf of our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate seamlessly into existing supply chains. Our approach aims to take the headache out of the fabrication process for our customers, supporting them from design for manufacture through to project delivery.

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Commercial Landscape and Hardscape Design

Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.