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Value Engineering

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Engineering: Concept to Solution

Maloya’s highly skilled technical staff works with you and your team of architects, designers and construction professionals to bring your concept from initial idea to full-color reality.

Whether your vision is basic or complex, we pride ourselves on providing design-driven, expert-backed solutions to whatever challenges your metal project entails.

As an experienced architectural fabricator, Maloya provides detailed part and component identification that directly ties back to shop prints. This meticulous labeling system ensures that each piece is clearly marked and corresponds to the detailed drawings provided. This approach simplifies the installation process for contractors, reducing errors and ensuring a smooth, efficient assembly/installation. By streamlining the workflow, we help contractors save time and resources, ensuring the project is completed accurately and on schedule.

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Design Assist Services

By addressing design issues prior to fabrication, we are able to ensure that each project is clearly defined and value-engineered for efficiency. Maloya also offers 3D modeling services to help you see sections of your project come to life and help us identify challenges for the metal manufacturing process.

Finding Solutions to Reduce Material and Processes Through Logistics

Value engineering is in our DNA. We’re experts at optimizing the manufacturing process from start to finish so we deliver only the highest quality metal products without breaking the budget. We know excessive change orders can mean unanticipated costs and scheduling delays, and the best way to avoid them is to address logistical issues before the fabrication process begins.

We often suggest design adjustments or identify potential efficiencies in the manufacturing process to save our clients time and money and headaches along the way. We don’t upsell our clients on metal materials, metal finishing, or packaging. Instead, we work hard to ensure our clients get only what is essential to achieve their vision.

Accurate shop drawings are integral to the beginning stages of any manufacturing process.

That’s why our shop drawings are the product of highly skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of the metal fabrication process and a dedication to precision and detail.

We emphasize communication with stakeholders throughout this process. Keeping detailed, accurate records ensures that the end product is a clear, easy to read shop drawing.

Design Assist

Learn how we’ve taken challenging projects to successful completion with our unique solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Complex Jobs: Sequence of Processes for Metal Fabrication

Through consistent, clear communication and active collaboration, we walk our clients through system details, project budgets, and material sourcing considerations. Complex jobs are broken down into a series of coherent, concise steps, easily understood by all stakeholders.

We recognize that cost competitiveness and shorter lead times depend upon the accurate sequencing of jobs ahead of the engineering function. At Maloya, our practices are in alignment with the most current process sequencing research and our methods are proven and effective.

This initial phase of any project no matter how basic or complex is a huge determining factor in whether a project is completed successfully and on time.

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