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Maloya’s Custom Project division was created using Maloya’s metal expertise and solutions-driven philosophy.

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Maloya Solutions

Sage Heaters

Powerful. Mobile. Safe. Efficient!

High Quality, Durable Materials

Our products, originally developed and rigorously tested for use by the United States Air Force, have been used for military and commercial ground support applications for over 30 years.

Unparalled Performance

Our hydraulically driven portable process heaters increases performance, are safer and more reliable and provide cost savings

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HPI Images

Help Point Intercom (HPI)

Simple to Use

HPI Benefit

Allows a passenger to quickly communicate there is a problem.

Enables transit personnel to determine where the problem is located, even without any other communication

Safety First

MTA of New York City chose Maloya HPIs when they decided to upgrade their units. They are already reporting a better experience for both their travelers and personnel.

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The Comprehensive Answer to Your OEM and Process Machinery Needs

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