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Metropolitan Transit Authority “Help Point Intercom” (HPI)

Metropolitan Transit Authority “Help Point Intercom” (HPI)

Used as an interactive communications device, the MTA’s Help Point Communication System allows subway travelers the ability to communicate directly with Transit personnel.  Whether it’s simply a question regarding travel information or in the case of an emergency or urgent situation an MTA traveler can select the appropriate button to ask for immediate assistance. A green button (INFORMATION) is for general assistance while the red button (EMERGENCY) is to be used only for emergency situations.  With the ability to verbally communicate in real time with MTA personnel, response time to a travelers request is greatly enhanced.

The HPI units, as they are called, are identifiable by the easily recognizable illuminated blue dome on top of each unit.  This illuminated dome will flash on and off when the unit is being used to quickly show a visible location to any responding MTA personnel. In addition each unit has an electronic address that identifies its exact location on the platform to MTA or other emergency responders.

When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City needed an upgrade of their Help Point Intercom (HPI) mechanical units, Maloya accepted the challenge. Maloya began by utilizing their “Design for Manufacturing” approach addressing every aspect of the HPI mechanical units’ form, fit and function.  Since these units house the HPI electronic systems, Maloya had to make sure that the new unit would protect and provide safe access to the internal circuit elements. Using our unique project approach, we were able to make a number of substantial improvements to the units.  After an extensive quality assurance process, including NEMA product testing and certification, Maloya’s redesigned HPI units were approved and have been installed by the MTA. Maloya’s HPI unit includes features that allow MTA maintenance personnel to access the internal circuit’s elements faster and more efficiently.  The new and improved HPIs are already providing a better experience for the MTA and their customers.

CLIENT: NYCT ARCHITECT: Antenna Design LOCATION: New York City Subway System DIVISION: Maloya Products INDUSTRY: Transportation SOLUTIONS USED: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, MIG & TIG Welding, 3D Printing, Assembly, Finishing, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain/Logistics


Complex shape with many components and concealed fasteners required.

Electrotechnical system that had to be waterproof.


Extensive supply chain research for the right materials.

Custom forming fixtures for the outside shape and welding heat sinks for construction.


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