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Fordham Plaza

Fordham Plaza

New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority’s project to revitalize the Fordham Street subway station and the adjacent area has been a multifaceted and complex process known as the new “Fordham Plaza”. Dynamic new spaces have been designed to create a welcoming and functional area for the local residents as well as the many area business people and the local Fordham University and Hospital staff and students.

Maloya was selected to help in this project by employing their Design/Build and 3D Modeling and fabrication expertise. The challenge faced by Maloya was to fabricate these large ten thousand pound planters using half inch thick steel and turning it into the graceful shapes that were required.  Using Maloya’s capabilities a series of large decorative and functional steel planters were fabricated in exact accordance with the Architect’s design vision.

CLIENT: New York City MTA ARCHITECT: Grimshaw Architects LOCATION: Bronx, New York DIVISION: Architectural / Complex Projects INDUSTRY: Transportation SOLUTIONS USED: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, Quality Assurance


Heavy steel construction that required galvanizing finish that did not show the welding areas.

Forming large section curved steel parts.


Bevel and multiple pass welding of sections with grinding and blending to make planters look as one.

Developed solutions for positioning and moving large heavy structures.

Research hot dip galvanizing and incorporated proper design rules for successful hot dipping.


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