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Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

Fabricated Hardscape barriers to manage the real estate that was left-over from the removal of the tolls. The barriers had laser cut artwork that was back lite to show the NYS seal and crest.

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CLIENT: New York City ARCHITECT: HDR LOCATION: Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, New York DIVISION: Architectural / Complex Projects INDUSTRY: Architectural SOLUTIONS USED: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, CNC Machining, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, Finishing, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain/Logistics


Flagship NYC Bridge of the TBTA. High Profile.

Design / Build project had to be finished in 8 weeks.

No opportunity to uninstall & correct.


Quick planning to allocate resources without impacting current jobs.

Pre-fit check so no issues on Bridge.

Use of high-performance finishes or corrosion and UV resistance to ensure long term mechanical and cosmetic durability.


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