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World Trade Center Display

World Trade Center Display

Custom Bedroom Steel Door
The Stony Brook World Trade Center Health and Wellness Program, situated in Commack NY, in collaboration with Steel Equities, sought to commission a poignant WTC monument to be installed prominently in front of their building. The WTC Display, intended to stand as a solemn reminder and tribute, was to incorporate a piece of steel from Ground Zero, symbolizing resilience, remembrance, and reverence for the events and aftermath of 9/11.
Client: Stony Brook World Trade Center Health and Wellness Program & Steel Equities.
CLIENT: Steel Equities LOCATION: 500 Commack Rd, Commack NY SCOPE OF WORK: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, CNC Machining, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, and Finishing ARCHITECT: Maloya, ABC Associates Inc. and Steel Equities


  • Crafting a 5 ft tall WTC structure with a design that encapsulates simplicity and elegance.
  • Housing a piece of steel from Ground Zero within the display, ensuring its prominence and protection.
  • Developing the structure with concealed fasteners to maintain aesthetic integrity.
  • Navigating the project with minimal available design documents.


Design Assist: Maloya, leveraging its expertise in design assist, worked closely with the client to conceptualize a design that was both simple and clean, yet profoundly impactful. Through collaborative efforts, a design was formulated that not only preserved the sanctity of the steel piece but also resonated with the solemnity and respect that the monument aimed to convey.


Utilizing CNC Laser Technologies: Precision was paramount in ensuring the accurate and clean-cut fabrication of the WTC structure. Maloya employed CNC laser technologies to achieve exactness in the dimensions and cuts, ensuring that the structure was fabricated with the utmost precision, aligning perfectly with the approved designs.


CNC Bending and Forming: To achieve the envisioned shape and structure while maintaining structural integrity, CNC bending and forming technologies were utilized. This ensured that the WTC Display was not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and durable, especially considering its outdoor placement.


MIG and TIG Welding: The assembly of the structure was executed using MIG and TIG welding techniques, ensuring strong, high-quality joints and seams that would withstand the elements, given its outdoor location, without compromising on the visual appeal.

Assembly: The assembly process was undertaken with meticulous care, ensuring that each component, especially the piece of steel from Ground Zero, was securely and respectfully housed within the display, maintaining its prominence and visibility.

Finishing: The finishing touches were applied with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the WTC Display stood as a seamless, elegant structure. The concealed fasteners, a crucial element in maintaining the sleek design, were expertly integrated, ensuring no visible joints or screws were apparent, preserving the solemn and smooth aesthetic of the monument.


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