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Garden Light Loft, NYC

Garden Light Loft, NYC

Custom Bedroom Steel Door
The architects at the New York firm Dean/Wolf Architects reached out to the Maloya team to develop custom geometric doors for a unique garden loft duplex project in Manhattan. This project, in a 25-foot wide space, was designed to transform a dark, tunnel like space into a expansive, bright space using a manipulation of light and space. Maloya's custom project capabilities were a perfect fit for the stainless steel doors designed by the Dean/Wolf team. We used bump bending to form the geometric, backlight doors imagined by the architects and delivered a superior project for Dean/Wolf Architects and their clients.

CLIENT: Dr. Bradley Schiff LOCATION: Manhattan SCOPE OF WORK: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, CNC Machining, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, Finishing, and Quality Assurance ARCHITECT: Dean Wolf Architects


This project called for 3D forming of stainless steel to create geometric doors in a garden loft in Manhattan. These doors were designed as a statement piece in this unique garden loft in Manhattan and required our engineers to develop a plan to execute the client's vision. In addition, our team also needed to plan for the integration of backlighting into the doors.


Maloya's team of experts used used Bump Bending to approximate the complex form. Bump-bending, is a series of bends, usually done on a press brake, that allows you to create a cylindrical bend in your metal sheet. The radius pitch--the distance between two bumps--can be calculated to just a few degrees to achieve a smooth, precise result. This allowed Maloya to deliver the geometric door imagined by Kathryn Dean, principal of the New York firm Dean/Wolf Architects. Maloya used its vast supply chain to engage vendors to develop the backlighting that was integrated into the doors.


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