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Brooklyn Academy of Music Facade

Brooklyn Academy of Music Facade

Maloya was contracted to fabricate the ornamental metal facade recently installed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. We worked with a nationally renowned artist to take the vision for this piece from concept to fabrication.  We first used our design-assist capabilities to develop several concept pieces for the artist to review in order to choose the best materials and finishes necessary to achieve the artist's vision. Once the material and finish were chosen, Maloya's team started fabrication, This project included intricately laser-cut stainless steel with many unique profiles and required an extremely challenging #8 mirror finish. Maloya's design and engineering capabilities, attention to detail, precision and quality control were essential to the successful fabrication, finishing, and delivery of this unique artwork.

CLIENT: Architectural Client LOCATION: Brooklyn NY SCOPE OF WORK: ARCHITECHT: Internationally renowned artist


The cosmetic quality of these parts was very critical. This entailed unique handling procedures and intensive visual inspection. The process involves many steps. Typically an error in an early stage does not become apparent until the final polishing phase.


A combination of mock ups and samples were produced for the customer. For each iteration a specific production process rigorously documented. Once the material was deemed acceptable by the client those pieces were used as control samples which could be compared to the production material. The documented production process can then be used for training staff and to verify that different staff members us the identical methods.


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