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Toni Stabile Student Center, Columbia University

Toni Stabile Student Center, Columbia University

This project, a new Student Center for Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, transformed both the formal and informal work, meeting, and social spaces of the school.  Digital design and production technologies facilitated the unique elements of this project. Digital modeling was utilized to engineer performance and test and innovate the metal architectural effects. During this project, Maloya's team put each metal surface system through rigorous prototyping. The Stabile Student Center project was completed in September 2008.

CLIENT: Graduate School of Journalism LOCATION: NYC SCOPE OF WORK: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, CNC Machining, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, Finishing, Quality Assurance ARCHITECT: Marble Fairbanks


This project called for floor-to-ceiling metal walls and two different types of metal ceilings.The client came to Maloya due to our team’s knowledge and experience working through a digital fabrication workflow. This is a strategy using computer-assisted design, information management and MRP software to improve fabrication workflow. This method works well when there is a large quantity of all unique parts that need to be fabricated efficiently and within budget. Each part had to fit precisely together, which required a strong knowledge of how steel forms, the properties of various metal alloys, and our ability to provide design-assist services to bring the intricate geometric designs for both the ceilings and walls to life.This project required rigorous prototyping for each surface system to achieve the desired resolution and legibility for both the geometric sky-inspired perforated designs for the metal ceilings and the photograph-inspired designs for the floor-to-ceiling walls.


Instead of working from shop drawings, Maloya worked with digital files for each ceiling panel, taken directly from the model, for both laser-cutting and bending the panels. The ceiling panels are fastened to a grid of steel tubes with holes pre-cut to match precisely with corresponding holes in the panels. Maloya methodized, programmed, laser-cut, formed, countersunk all attachment holes and powder coated all the walls and ceiling panels. An all unique parts also create additional coordination requirements so that they can be quickly found and installed at the correct location at the job site. Maloya fabricated all the metal tubing with installed hardware that the panels mounted to as well. These mounting tubes required machining and welding.


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