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Sanford Lab Homestake Gold Mine Visitors Center

Sanford Lab Homestake Gold Mine Visitors Center

The Sanford Lab Homestake Gold Mine Visitor Center was designed to chronicle the history of what was at one time the largest gold mine in North America. An integral part of the Architect’s design was a “Reader Rail” that was both conical and elliptical in its configuration.

Maloya was awarded the reader rail project based on their extensive experience in the Design/Build process. Maloya was able to solve the complex geometry challenges associated with both the conical and elliptical aspects of the Architect’s design vision. Unique fixtures had to be designed to insure that during final assembly all of the fabricated components came together in perfect alignment.

CLIENT: Sanford Lab Homestake Gold Mine Visitors Center ARCHITECT: SITU LOCATION: Lead, South Dakota DIVISION: Architectural / Complex Projects INDUSTRY: Architectural SOLUTIONS USED: Design Assist, CNC Laser Technologies, CNC Bending & Forming, MIG & TIG Welding, Assembly, Finishing, Quality Assurance


Elliptical conical complex shape.

Deliciated structure which wouldn’t allow for constrained shape.


Broken into individual section and bumped into shape.

Fixtured developed to measure so the panels could be precisely form into tolerance.


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