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El Chivo Cigars – Cigar Mold

El Chivo Cigars – Cigar Mold

The El Chivo Cigar company, a premier tobacco brand, required new molds to expand its product line and capacity. Maloya provided a CNC-Machined solution to produce this complex product on budget and on time.

CLIENT: Miami FL & Danli Honduras INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage SOLUTIONS USED: Design Assist, CNC Machining, and 3D Printing. :


Multi axis CNC surfacing is a challenge to program and machine. Costly material and extensive machining time is required. In addition, for this application the product needed to ship internationally.


The Maloya team used reverse engineering with the actual El Chivo cigars to produce the mold cavities. This was a new undertaking for Maloya. With this in mind the Engineering staff took advantage of Maloya's 3D printing capability and produced a single cavity mock up. This prototype was sent to the factory in Honduras to be qualified by the actual "Torcedoras" (cigar rollers). Apparently the prototype was approved with flying colors. All were impressed how quickly this was accomplished and final product was subsequently produced and delivered.


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