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Kenneth Cole

Location Manhattan
Scope Of Work Shop Drawings, Laser, Bending, Machining, Hardware Insertion, Assembly, Outsource Finishing
Architect Tacklebox

Project Detail

When Kenneth Cole Productions wanted to open a high end retail store located locate at Broadway and Bowery in Manhattan the project lead time was extremely short. On time delivery was critical and needed to coincide with New York’s famous “Fashion Week”. The store display cases and fixtures were designed to be visually appealing and built solidly enough to withstand the rigors of in store use. T

Maloya, working from renderings supplied by the Architect went to work. Maloya developed the completed shop drawings needed to begin fabrication. Due to the demand to produce a highly upscale cosmetic look on such large scale panels, Maloya moved the panels through the various work stations with great care and efficiency. Special fixtures were designed to ensure that critical dimensions were kept square and true to the design specifications. Maloya used its extensive supply chain expertise to choose the best high quality powder coater to apply the desired finished look. The project was delivered on time, within budget and ready for Fashion Week.